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Fresh Forces offers organisations the decisiveness and freshness of young entrepreneurship. We breathe innovation. We bring acceleration. We are the new generation.

A Fresh push forwards

Our Fresh Forces know how to stimulate organisations and give them a push forwards because –let’s be honest– sometimes this is exactly what is needed to get moving in the right direction again. What you gain from working with us? A fresh perspective on your organisation that will assist you to get to where you want to be faster and more effectively, while having a lot more fun (!) in the process.

Today’s challenges are our bread and butter; after all, we grew up with them. Whether you’re looking for help with strategy activation, talent development, transformation and change trajectories, (employment market) communication or serious gaming, we’ve got what it takes!

How we work? Together with you

We like to get things done and to create value for you—and the best way to do this is through co-creation. We don’t tell you what to do; instead, we work with you. Experience has taught us that when we combine our energy and fresh perspective with your specific knowledge, great things are bound to unfold.

Anything for a smile

We will connect you with a Fresh Force or a team of Fresh Forces. If it’s necessary to get senior people from our network involved, we’ll bring them in. We aim to always exceed your expectations. Not just that—we’ll do anything for a smile. After all, adding some colour to the mix never did anybody any harm!

Strategy & Brand Activation

The most successful companies combine an inspiring goal, a clear strategy and a strong brand. Whether concerning your customers or your own employees, we know how to connect people to your story.

Involving your target audience from the start, we help your organisation to deliver your strategic messages straight to the heart. Making a complex story concrete and tangible by using sharp communication and experience-oriented interventions is what we’re good at. Stimulating multiple senses in the process, we develop concepts that grab your audience’s attention; concepts that move.

Transformation & Change

Change is the order of the day in large organisations. Sectors, expertise fields and organisational models are continuously shifting. Preparing your organisation for tomorrow’s challenges—this is our goal.

The first step is to clearly map out your goals for the future. After all, knowing where you want to go will get you there faster. Fresh and decisive, while standing firmly within your organisation, we deliver real results. Using a wide range of creative forms—serious gaming, for example—we keep innovation tangible. If needed, we will build cool, new digital tools to support the change you are looking for.

This not only makes our help effective, but also inspiring—thus creating a support base within your organisation. This is how we generate lasting change together and prepare your organisation for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Talent Acquisition & Development

How do you grow your employees’ talent? And how do you optimally use their expertise to help them grow in the direction you want to go? These are questions we can help you with. But we also know how to attract young talent.

The new generation wants to work at companies in which they recognise themselves. As a result, large, established organisations and multinationals are sometimes overlooked. That’s a shame, because they do offer the challenges young talents are looking for. We make your organisation visible to young millennials.

In preparing your company and employees for the future, many organisations struggle with questions concerning onboarding, engagement and talent development. We can help you with this by co-creatively developing learning and change programmes with you. Experience has taught us that combining our entrepreneurial creativity with your expertise will lead to surprising new ways of learning. In this way, we cooperatively create experience-oriented interventions that help develop talent within your organisation.

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