With full force we take on tomorrow's challenges

Our Fresh Forces are entrepreneurial professionals who recognize opportunities in everything. We channel our enthusiasm, knowledge and hands-on mentality to help you innovate and accelerate.

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Our story.Who we are

We are Fresh Forces. We view the world around us from a fresh perspective, with wonder and curiosity. When we look at the major companies and organizations in this world, we see new challenges, and the need for change.

We work with companies and organizations who are eager to harness the fresh perspective of young business talent. These organizations work with us to develop their learning and transition programs, to find new ways of reaching the modern consumer, to use gaming and gamification, promote process optimization, development of new talent or recruitment communication. These are all challenges which come natural to the younger generation, challenges which can benefit from a fresh perspective.

What we do.

Organizations face modern-day challenges. Our fresh and young talents take on these challenges with full force. Our Fresh Forces are entrepreneurial professionals who recognize opportunities in everything. We channel our enthusiasm, knowledge and hands-on mentality to help organizations innovate and accelerate. We specify in serious gaming and young professional engagement.

Developing talent within organization is an important and interesting topic. How do we make the most of the talent within our organization? How do we teach our employees skills to help our organization remain flexible? How do we prepare our organization for the implementation of a new business strategy? These are question which many organizations ask themselves. Fresh Forces helps organizations answer these questions by designing trainings and talent development programs like traineeships.

A great amount of change management projects within and between organizations do not fully go as planned. The success of these projects is strongly determined by the people who are (in)directly involved with the change. In essence, they are the organization. In order to solve training, change and development challenges, we develop games. This way, teams and organizations can explore their future through experience-based learning. Implementing a new strategy? We will explore innovative methods, in co-creation, to bring this strategy to life within the organization.

Our pro-active, hands on project managers bring innovative projects to reality. Their strength is to make a sharp analysis of content-related questions and work co-creatively to develop an innovative and tailor-made solution. We keep pushing ourselves to the next level by working on our personal development, team development and proposition development, once a week. By collaborating with our network of creative partners, we stay flexible. Our partners complement our force with their experience or expertise. Our way of working has been inspired by Eckart’s Notes.

Our dream.

We believe that autonomy, responsibility and trust brings out the best in people. At Fresh Forces we stick to these core values and provide young talent with the chance to realize their entrepreneurial dream. We invest in the talent of our employees, empowering them to make a difference in other organizations. We aim to bring innovation and acceleration to the world.