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Our story

We have fresh views. Actually, it is more than that. We look at the world around us with wonder and curiosity. At a world where large organisations and institutions are facing new challenges and social transitions. A world that demands innovation.

Fresh Forces offers organisations the decisiveness and freshness of young entrepreneurial talent. We bring expertise with challenges about developing learning- and change processes, reaching modern consumers, employees and students, serious gaming and gamification, process optimisation, talent development and (labour market) communication. As the ‘new generation’, these challenges are self-evident to us and, therefore, our fresh view can be of great value.

Accelerator for entrepreneurship

We want to stimulate young entrepreneurship. At Fresh Forces we give young talent the opportunity to make their entrepreneurial dream come true. How it works? Fresh Forces (our employees) work for our clients from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, they invest in themselves by working on their personal development and entrepreneurship. The FRS training programme we have set up helps Fresh Forces to further develop themselves through training, education and coaching. In addition, we work on business development and are constantly exploring opportunities to innovate.

The next (entrepreneurial) step

After three and a half years of being an employee of Fresh Forces, it is time for the next step. That step can be made inside or outside Fresh Forces. Some realise their entrepreneurial dream by launching their own business, while others continue within Fresh Forces as Bliktrekkers (team leads), or as a Fresh Professional on a specific expertise.

Our Fresh way of working

Most organisations work with departments or teams. At Fresh Forces, we work with ‘cells’ (Blikken in Dutch). This is sort of a miniature business. Every cell has its own Bliktrekker (team lead), Fresh Professional (subject matter expert) and a couple of Fresh Forces (project managers). Together, they are responsible for innovation and acquiring new projects. Next to our ‘cells’, we have an overarching, flexible shell of creative partners. This way of working was inspired by Eckart’s Notes (highly recommended!)

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