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We have a fresh mind. No, it’s more than that. We observe the world around us with curiosity and amazement. We see a world of large organisations facing new challenges; a world demanding innovation.

We work for organisations longing for the fresh perspectives of emerging entrepreneurial talents. You can come to us for questions concerning development and change challenges, reaching the modern consumer, serious gaming and gamification, process optimisation, talent development and (employment market) communication. Although these challenges are often self-evident to us as members of the new generation, we know that many organisations can profit from the fresh perspective that we provide.

Steppingstone for entrepreneurs

We want to stimulate young entrepreneurship. Fresh Forces gives young talents the opportunity to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. How this works? Our Fresh Forces start as our employees. From Monday to Thursday, they work on projects for and with our clients. Every Friday, our Forces work on their personal development and entrepreneurial skills. The FRS training program we have set up assists our Forces to move forward through trainings, educational programs and coaching activities. We also give a lot of attention to acquisition and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to innovate.

After three and a half years, our Fresh Forces are ready for their next step. This step can be within Fresh Forces or externally. Some choose to realise their entrepreneurial dream by launching their own businesses or embarking on careers as entrepreneurial professionals, while others continue within Fresh Forces as Team Leads, or choose to deepen their expertise as Fresh Professionals.

This is how our model works

Our organizations is divided into small teams, that function as their own small businesses. Each Team has its own Team Lead, who—working together with a more experienced project manager; a Fresh Professional—executes more complex projects. Together, they also guide the activities and processes of their team, making sure their Fresh Forces stay on track. The teams are responsible for innovation and landing new projects. Around this structure exists a flexible shell of creative partners. This way of working is based on Eckart’s Notes (go read it!).


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