This is what we’re proud of

Royal FloraHolland – Program Cooperation 2020

This is how you give over four thousand people their voice back

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Hogeschool Utrecht

Stimulating (team) dialogues between teams of lecturers

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Achmea – Campus Recruitment

Reforming Achmea’s campus recruitment strategy to attract young talent

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A program that boosts commercial strength and simultaneously stimulates entrepreneurial behavior

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DSM – Escape Experience

A game that can only be won by applying the new method of collaboration

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Rabobank – Beyond the Money

How to get 3,000 people excited about compliance training’

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Staff Recruitment 2.0

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A roadmap for strategic goals and a new model for human resources

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Coordinating twenty-five countries to simultaneously combine all HR systems

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Irdeto – Onboarding

An onboarding experience to ensure new employees hit the ground running

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ASML – Get Connected

Get Connected encourages virtual and face-to-face global cooperation across national and departmental borders.

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Arcadis – Global Shapers

This program boosts and captures the power of our new generation employees, enhances knowledge sharing and builds a strong network.

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Arcadis – Deep Orange

Innovation through design thinking

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