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“Stimulating (team) dialogues between teams of lecturers”


Help us to refresh the internal offering of educational programs and with the activation of conducting sound (team) dialogues.


The Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (‘Hogeschool Utrecht’) realizes that educational innovation begins with having sound dialogues with each other. The best and most effective forms of collaboration and innovation can be realised by having a horizontal collaboration structure between the departments, by establishing a level of responsibility within the organization and by maintaining an external orientation.


Together with the HR professionals of the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, we developed a consultation diagram that clearly shows how the external developments and organizational objectives can be translated into the tasks of the different teams. In addition, and in collaboration with external parties and the Marketing & Communication department, we developed content and training programs. They serve to stimulate the sound dialogues while taking the profile of the future lecturer into account; digitally, flexible, and in connection with the professional practice.


More and more teams are aware of the importance of conducting sound (team) dialogues. Teams are taking concrete steps to initiate new ways of collaboration. This results in ‘best practices’ that are shared within the organization to enthuse and motivate other teams as well.

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