“A program that boosts commercial strength and simultaneously stimulates entrepreneurial behavior”


How do we create a commercial learning trajectory that teems with energy?


Antea Group sees its market change and has the ambition to grow. Several internal and external shifts require a stronger focus on the commercial strength of Antea Group. That is why Antea Group wants to boost the commercial skills of its project managers. Furthermore, the way they perform their role will also be reviewed. Are they proactive, entrepreneurial, in connection, and do people make clever and creative use of each other’s (professional) expertise?

Our approach

Together with Antea, we developed a commercial learning trajectory. The objective of this program is to enthuse and motivate project managers and to make them better equipped to take on this commercial challenge in an authentic manner, by adopting a renewed approach to their own role.


We created a program based on three development goals: increasing the authentic commercialism, strengthening commercial skills, and stimulating entrepreneurial behavior. The program consists of one or two days of training over a period of seven to nine months. The sessions include experience-oriented interventions that will help the participants during their growth process to become ‘commercially successful’. During the entire program, participants are challenged to ‘close a deal‘ in a fictitious world. This will make the entire program feel like a logically structured story.

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